This is a list of my best electrotango CDs - check them out!

Astornautas by Ultratango: great classics in a modern version - good for listening and danceable; Favorites: Libertango, Miles, Invierno Porteno
Astor Piazzolla - Remixed: best remixes ever - and the original versions are available on "Astor Piazzolla unmixed" - so good tandas are guaranteed; Favorites: Luna, Milonga, Milonga del angél
Aubade - Leçons de Tango: great remixes combined with forcefull classics - a good collection; Favorites: El viaje, Milonguero de ayer, Sensuel and the poster, of course ;-)
Bajofondo Tangoclub: best genuine electrotangos - especially those by Campo; Favorites: Mi corazón, Naranjo en flor, Bruma
Bajofondo Remixed: too many beats, too much techno sound, too unsensual - the originals are 100% better; Favorites: none, actually
Bandoneón ElectroTango: cool new compilation of artists who have not yet published - new, different and sometimes the best there is for a crowded dancefloor! Favorites: Homme, Amargo anhelo, Una danca
Buenos Aires - Paris: The Electronic Tango Anthology: quite ok compliation with some new pieces, some old ones - just perfect for beginners, not necessarily for those who already own 23 electrotango CDs ; Favorites: Under the moon, Zigzagueando
Buenos Aires remixed by tanghetto: well, not bad - but the themes are mostly known, so if you have the old tanghetto CDs, you don't need it; Favorites: Disfruta el silencio/Enjoy the silence
Debut by Tangothic: well... very gothic, very undanceable - not worth buying IMHO.
Dos by Otros Aires: one of my favourits artists since their first CD, they maintained their high quality - again great remixes of traditional themes, but also fun new ones. And... they developed: contrarily to the first CD, the pieces are more varied in style and not as monotonous. All very very danceable and great music! Favorites: Un baile a beneficio, Allerdings, La yumba
Downtempo - the roots of electronic tango: interesting compilation - electrotango started earlier than most people thought. Some good tracks, but most are not danceable, unfortunately; Favorites: Postales, El tecno tango
Electro-Tango Vol. I by Orquesta electronica Berretin: on my alternative tango page, you find Conjunto Berretín listed as a great modern orquesta - so this is their electronic compilation. Great again, cool remixes of old titles, some new - a real tangasm (one of the titles); Favorites: Gallo, Campo aldente, el Clocho
Electroilo: some new concept: remixes of pieces which were composed by Troilo. Unfortunately, the music lacks his stlye... only some pieces are suitable for tangueros; Favorites: Libertango, Garua, Sur (Special)
Electronic tango: compilation with many artist which do not publish individually - worthwhile listening; Favorites: Sudamerica grace, Taxi nocturno, Adios nonino
Emigrate by tanghetto: new themes, good for both listening and dancing - I enjoyed it! Favorites: Montevideo, Emigrante-exilo de alma, vida moderna en 2/4
Evolution tango by Malevo Sound Project: funstuff, great beats and not too much techno, good for energizing; Favorites: Sol infinito, Paredón
Experimentango by Susanna Rinaldi: a classical tango singer remixed - what an idea. But the effort was worth it: every piece just great, most of them danceable... yes!!! Favorites: Mi Buenos Aires querido, Vamos todavía, Uno
Felino by Electrocutango: great tracks, danceable and finally new themes - prelistening on their homepage! Favorites: Felino, Retrolonga, Renaceré
Hybrid Tango by tanghetto: once again, the 2nd-album problem: not as convincing as the first, but still fun to listen and some tracks danceable; Favorites: Barrio Sur
Inspiración-Espiración by Gotan Project: after the big success of the first CD, this really is a downturn! Favourite: Cité tango (but this is original Piazzolla)
La fonda tango club von La fonda tango club: a cheap CD I picked up some place in Buenos Aires - but worth the effort of listing: some amazing pieces and rhythms among - unfortunately - repetitive beats... Favorites: Tanguera, El conventillo, Milonga de la fonda
La revancha del tango by Gotan Project: the CD with which it all started (at least allegedly) - great ideas, great music and a must-have! Favorites: Santa Maria de Buen Aire, Una música brutal, Chunga's revenge
Lunático by Gotan Project: WOW - they are back! Stronger than ever, best music to dance to - I am totally thrilled! Favorites: Amor porteno, Celos, Lunático, La viguela (and pretty much everything else)
Mar dulce by Bajofondo Tangoclub: finally, something new and good - almost better than their first CD! Great pieces in up- and downbeats, cool for dancing. Favorits: almost all pieces, honestly!
McDougall-Tango by SanTelmoLounge: good lounge music, but too long and monotonous for dancing - better use for chill-out; Favourite: Si hasta el techo
Melancolic Tango by Dany Vila: somewhat unimaginativ... just pop-beat on music which might be considered tango. Still, most tracks are really danceabe, not real hard electro beat, but rather the soft version, and ok to get people used to new music; Favorites: Malena, Ultimo tango en París, Cuando tu no estás
Narcotango by Carlos Libedinsky: tangos for the end of the night - deep, sensual, great to dance; Favorites: Vi luz y subí, Que onda?, Un pasó mas allá
Narcotango II by Carlos Libedinsky: not the typical 2nd CD - but a Carlos Libedinsky who has developed: more soundeffects (unfortunately), but still challenging and variable melodies and high danceability. Just cool! My Favorites: Gente que si (gekürzt), Dos, Esa, Solo por hoy
Nuevos Aires by Bailongo!: for quite a bit of time, a DJ-favorite not traded in public - but finally availabe! The CD is just too good to miss, every piece just a masterpiece of electronic tango... and sooo much fun to dance! Empfehlungen: Nuevos Aires, Quisiera volver a verte, Radiaciones arrabales
Nu tango: good and cheap compilation (but doubles with Tango? and Astor Piazzolla Remixed; Favorites: Buenos Aires at dusk, Narigón Remix, No tengo tango, Sentimientos
Nu tango electro by Tendencias y Resplandor: got this from a friend - a cheap collection bought at a drugstore. But... great new themes, danceable, suitable for chilling out, somewhat electric, but still ok for an alternative milonga; Favorites: Noche de tango, Silbando, Sueno de amor, Zorzal criollo
Otario: cool CD by Malevo Sound Project, mostly new themes and all very danceable, also short enough to DJ them in a milonga; Favorites: Otario, La tempestad, Si pudiera ver
Otra sanata by Tango Crash: this is tango, too... repetitive patterns, aggressive rhythems, zero danceabiligy. What a pity...
Otros Aires by Otros Aires: great candombe-beats, old themes remixed - danceable and fun! Favorites: Sin Rumbo, De puro Curda, Amor que se baila
Pa'bailar von Bajofondo Tangoclub: new EP as teaser for the new album - two great pieces; Favorites: Pa'bailar by Bajofondo und Omar
Pa' que bailen by DJ Tango: Well, at least this is new and different from any other style of electrotango known. But: it is also hard techno beats, more like disco than tango, unnervingly quick and messy. Some good tracks, real danceable and fun, though! Favorites: Libertango, Tango para el gato, Nostalgias
Palermo Nuevo by Tango Joints: cool remixes, often of more than one piece in a song, not too hectic beats, cool effects - that's how electrotango should be! Favorites: Tango, The Gaucho's pain, Tango, querido misterio
Pasion portena by Electronic Tango Group: a nice new CD - all titles very similar in style, but all danceable. Easy rhythm, thus useable for beginners or training - and fun.
Raptangos: somewhat difficult to have an opinion on this CD - some great Bajofondo and Gotan pieces on there (which you'll have anyway), some unknown artists with rocky rap remixes. Some might be danceable, but what lacks is the tango-mood, a certain softness. So, one piece might do the trick - more spoil the atmosphere... Favorites: Diskparate, Tango
Revolution by Tangothic: what a pleasant surprise: this CD is by far better than their first one (Debut), some pieces danceable... really a (r)evolution! Favorites: Lonely gaucho, Adios muchacha, Esperanza
Supervielle by Bajofondo Tangoclub: like Gotan - the second CD is a real downturn compared to the first; Favorites: Leonel le féo, Miles de pasajeros
Tango?: not a bad compilation, but 6 out of 12 pieces are on nu tango - so no necessarily worth buying; Favorites: Destino, Tango rango
Tango Chill Out: well, one more CD the world does not necessarily need - some ok-songs, some pretty weird ones...Favorites: Strange, La cumparsita
Tango-Chill Sessions: great downbeats, some danceable, some fun listening - worthwile! Favorites: traqueando, Viejo Abasto, Senda Urbana
Tango Chill Sessions II: wow! For once, quality continued through the second CD and the music even got better! Favorites: La Miranda, Melancolia urbana, Cobbled Flash
Tango Crash by Tango Crash: if you looked for tango - big mistake. Jazzy, good music, but not tango except for the themes; Favourite: La Yumba Remix
Tango Debayres by Debayres: a new group, a new CD - and the expectations are fulfilled! A genuine style of electronic tango, rather like pop music or easy listening, but very danceable... Favorites: Murga tango, Lejos de mi corazón, Buenos Aires gris
Tango electronico by Le Tango: genial remixes of old themes - finally a CD where you could dance all tracks! Favorites: Adios, Sur, La cumparsita
Tangofusionclub, Volume 1: Munich-remixes, some other tracks - worthwhile, although sometimes monotonous; Favorites: Aromatango Remix, Floresta Remix, Rosa Portena
Tangofusionclub, Volume 2: once again: the second-album-phenomenon. Just two good tracks, the rest is very techno; Favorites: Marope, Rain
Tango lounge by Sudestada Tango lounge: a mix of new and old themes, produced by the most known argentine tango musicians - must be good, and really is; Favorites: Volver, Por una cabeza, Tango de miercoles, Nada
Tango Motion - neo tango chill 2: #1 was a downturn - just old pieces reassembled - but #2 finally offers some new tracks, some of them quite danceable. Well done - also the cover rocks. Favorites: Los ochos del gato, Tango Minimal, Pacana
Tango passion by Richard Clayderman: know themes with e-piano instrumentation - but that's not really innovative, is it? Favorites: La cumparsita, Sus ojos se cerraron
Tango Project II: great new themes by Jaime Wilensky,good for dancing and relaxing afterwards, modern but not to much up-beat, which makes even some traditional dancers enjoy those tracks; Favorites: Sentimientos, Destino, Chocolate

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