I teach both individual and group lessons for beginners and intermediates (nuevo style) in Munich and in Augsburg, also on national festivals. If you intend to participate, let me know - I will then either do the whole class in English, or translate if you're the only non-German speaker.

If you're a organizer (either US or other foreign countries) and interested in cooperating, let me know! I do have quite a bit experience in both attending international festivals and organizing festivals (in Germany), but would like to expand the range of my tango activities. Classes in English as well as in Spanish (limited) are possible and could include the following topics:

Tango nuevo: basic principles of this new style, which are easily integrated in your current repertoire of steps and combinations, as well as some guidelines on how to dance to nuevo music
Rhythm/musicality: Dancing 1 and 3 only becomes boring - playful interludes for the beats in-between make dancing tango this much fun! Thus, for leaders we'll work on understanding rhythmic patterns in tango music as well as step patterns to express them in the dance. For follower's, we'll work on interpreting the music by embellishments. Especially in nuevo music, slow-down of movements is a simply, but impressive means - thus, we'll also explain the technique and tension to make it work.
Tango fusion: most of us did have a dance life before tango - why not integrate this knowlege and the moves? Tango + salsa, tango + swing, tango + ballet - all dances and movements enrich your tango style, and make it an individual experience for both you and your partner. We'll explore similarities in movements and rhythm, talk about differences and how to integrate them, and develop steps to "switch" between dances.
Individuality: What do you want as individual, and as couple? Rhythm or flow, being close or a mix of going away and coming back, seriousness or playfulness? Dancing in high heels, sneakers or barefeet? Switch lead, other than the common dance embrace, dancing while bondaged - all those elements will be explored, for you to chose what fits with you.
Leading ladies: For quite a bit of time, ladies are leading not only in class, but also in milongas. Thus, we'll work towards your first leading experience: how to mentally switch roles, how to listen to the music with a leader's focus, leading with brains not with force. This workshop needs followers and leaders to switch roles and be able to give feedback to each others, thus you shoud have at least 1/2 year of tango experience. Men willing to be lead are also welcome!
Technique for ladies: just do what is lead - this can't be the gist of following for a lady with a modern, emancipated role model (not only in tango, but also in life). Thus, we'll develop basic ideas of pro-active folowing, which is a style full of energy and initiative, work on embelishments not only with your feet, get some twists and turns to surprise your next leader - and might get even into ways how to switch the lead.
Body work: a body with tensions, unused to the dance, will not commit to fluent dancing. Thus we'll lear a short, but effective workout to stretch and strengthen tango-relevant muscles (influenced by classical ballet warm-up and TTC ((tango tecnologia conceptual) of estudio DNI tango). We'll analyze basic tango steps according to "outside" forces at work and conscious muscle work, to reach a fluent, effortless dance for both leads and follows.

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