Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg: Tango argentino


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Veronika "La potranca"

That's me

I'm Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg, born 1982, and dance since I can walk - argentine tango since 2003 as both lead and follow. I Germany, I learned traditional tango (estilo salón) until I lived in Dayton/Ohio with a lot of dancing in Cincinnati and all over the US, where I did mostly apilado/milonguero style. Since being back in Germany, I have evolved to tango nuevo/tango fusion dancing, which integrates the dancers' bodies, not traditional tango music (i.e. electronic tango, alternative music and specials) and mood towards a flowing stlyle of dance.
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My tango name "La potranca"

In the old days, tangueros were nicknamed after their most striking characteristic in style of dancing. When I was starting to tango, I was having trouble moving my rather long legs without stumbling. This caused a guy I trained with to call me a mustang foal - a private joke between the two of us, which was finally translated for some Spanish-speaking guys. And there it was - la potranca. Since then, I guess I have made some progress and do move graciously - but the name stayed with me. And although it is not often used, I like it a lot!

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