Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg: Tango argentino


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Teaching tango

Group and individual lessons in Augsburg and Munich; German tango festivals

For the first time I understood what I did: you structured class so very clearly!
(E. on a festival workshop)
How can one teacher tutor 14 couples? Impossible. But you did great and worked indidividually which each and every one. My compliments!
(T., host of a festival I taught at)
Your dance integrates both: a strong, independent woman - in every situation an emancipated partner. And such grace...
(S. while seeing me do a demo at a festival)
You leading is just a different experience. Differentiated lead, but without force, pressure or even effort. Just flow...
(B. after a milonga)
You go, girl - it was a pleasure watching you!
(Ch., who doesn't dance yet)
Your youtube videos just rock. They explain all those individual aspects - adn finally my dance partner believes what I say (after she's seen you).
(S. - we know each other "online only")


DJing regularely milongas in the south of Germany (Munich, Augsburg, Ulm), sometimes at festivals and previously in the States (Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Baltimore, Cincinnati)

Yesterday's milonga was just great - because of YOUR music. Thanks a lot! It's a dream to dance to your djing...
(G. and A., Munich)
Thanks for the beautiful music and the wonderful evening you created...
(C., Munich)
I just loved your music - sooo different...
(S., Frankfurt)'s best DJane in the south of Germany...
(K., on a tango ball in Augsburg)
... you stretched the music to its extremes... just to find tango out there.
(P., on the alternative music I played in Baltimore)
At the end of the milonga, we applauded for a full minute although you weren't there. I'd never thought that someone could plan the music for the rest of and evening - and that the atmosphere would last until the last second.
(C. to the fact that I had to leave a milonga early, but left my ipod there)
Congrats to this tango evening! We loved it, everything was beautiful... thanks!
(J., Erding)
Thanks a lot for YOUR mix of musik! You were wonderful, the people loved it and the atmosphere was just thrilling...
(Organizer J., Erding)
Last saturday night in Cervia i think i got one more year of life. your music selection was amazing: new, beautiful, musically impressive and touching. Not only for dancers but for musicians too: I danced all the night almost without rest. I hope you to be invited often in Italy and to be allowed to play new selections in milongas: fresh air to breath deeply. many many thanks and hope too see and hear you again soon.
(P., on festival Tango(r)evolucion in Cervia/Cesena)

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